Monday, October 13, 2008



Niue Fakalataha Ki Mua

“Niue Moving Forward Together”

 When:    October 18th, 2008

Where:  The Tasman Room Alexandra Park Function Centre

Time:    6:00pm – 12:30 am

Cost:    $60 per person per ticket///////Buffet Dinner & Entertainment

Dress:  Formal Island Wear

Beverages:  Cash Bar Available



All ticketing enquiries & information contact:

Mary Aue

Ph 623 9973   |    275 1672 


027 687 7070  


Monday, October 6, 2008

Niuean Artists interviewed by Shimpal Lelisi

Samantha Atasani ,Painter

Troy Ikiua Jackson, Carver,/Glass etching artist

Lange Taufelila, Graphic Designer/DJ

*All images are copyrighted, courtesy of Niuean Photographer Nick Kaio

Niuean Art: Installing the show

Mrs Matafetu Smith, Niuean Weaver

Cerisse Palalagi hanging photo mosaic by Nick Kaio

Photographs by Zora Feilo

All images are courtesy of Niuean photographer Nick kaio

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Alexa Shaw

NIUE - NUKU TU TAHA is the next exciting exhibition opening at Fresh Gallery Otara, Manukau City tonight, Thursday 2 October.

Featuring: Arnette Arapai + Boswell Haiosi, Troy Jackson, Janet Lilo, Hili Mokalei, Cerisse Palalagi, Alexa Shaw, Lange Taufelila, Glenda Vilisoni, NIUE - NUKU TU TAHA acknowledges Niue Constitution Day (19 October) and runs from 3-25 October.

This is an exhibition of contemporary visual art about Niue and of Niue. The exhibition soundtrack is provided by two video works: one is the short film “Pa” by Arnette Arapai and Boswell Haiosi; a moving intergenerational interview with Roy Head aka Pa, about life and Niue – first screened in Pollywood Shorts Five 07 curated by Craig Fasi. The other is a video work by Janet Lilo, located in the window reflecting a large and important audience of Fresh Gallery Otara; young people.

Photography by Alexa Shaw documents a recent 8 month stay on Niue island and Glenda Vilisoni has traced her ancestry from New Zealand to Niue and Tonga – a beautiful acknowledgement in electric colour complimenting Troy Jackson’s delicate family portrait on chipboard.

Print artists, Cerisse Palalagi and Lange Taufelila have reinterpreted Niuean symbols and design and sculptor Hili Mokalei has employed polystyrene chilli bins and plaster to create the works that greet visitors to the Gallery.

Niue – Nuku Tu Taha is a cross-over exhibition to Pule Fakamotu, a group exhibition of Niuean artists responding to sovereignty curated by Cerisse Palalagi and Zora Feilo at Artstation, Ponsonby Road from 8 – 25 October. 

Pule Fakamotu features Samantha Atasani, Craig Fasi, Troy Jackon, Nick Kaio, Janet Lilo, Molly Pihigia & Falepipi he Mafola Niuean Weavers, Matafetu Smith, Lange Taufelila, Glenda Vilisoni and Maree Webster.

NIUE - NUKU TU TAHA opens TONIGHT at Fresh Gallery Otara - come one, come all!! 


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pule Fakamotu- Niuean Artists at Artstation

NIUE TOA'S Zora Feilo 08

MAHAKITAGA Cerisse Palalagi 08

In celebration of Niues Constitution Day, Artstation will be exhibiting 'Pule fakamotu' from October 8th-25th 2008. A group exhibition co-curatored by contemporary Niuean artists Cerisse Palalagi and Zora Feilo. 'Pule fakamotu' which means to lead and take charge of your own affairs, brings togeather Auckland based Niuean artists who will explore the theme of Niuean self-governance, with printmaking, painting, photography, multi media and weaving.

Writer/Photographer and co-curator Zora Feilo, who will be exhibiting her photography with poetry from Niue to New Zealand, says, "It is essentially a celebration of Niuean people coming together and honouring our identity”. With participating artists from contemporary mediums like moving image from Janet Lilo along side traditional weaving from Molly Pihigia, 'Pulefakamotu' will be a rich display of past and present voices for this small pacific island community.

Exhibition details:

Pule fakamotu'

Artists include:

Samantha Atasani
Craig Fasi
Nick Kaio
Janet Lilo
Zora Feilo
Troy Jackson
Cerisse Palalagi
Molly Pihigia and the Otahuhu Niuean Weavers
Matafetu Smith
Lange Taufelila
Glenda Vilisoni
Maree Webster

Dates: 8 to 25 October

Opening: 5 to 7pm Tuesday, 7 October

For further information, please contact:
Kathryn Tsui, Artstation gallery coordinator
ph (09) ph 09 376 3221

For media assistance, please contact:
Angelika Doughty, Communications and Marketing
ph (09) 373 6883

Artstation is Auckland City Council’s community visual arts facility is located in the old police barracks at 1 Ponsonby Road, Newton. It is easy to get to by bus, The Link bus stops right outside.

1 Ponsonby Rd, Newton, Auckland
ph: 09 376 3221

Gallery hours:
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
9am to 4pm Saturday